Guided "Inner-Body" Meditations to

Quiet Your Mind, Deepen Your Awareness, Raise Your Vibration, and Dissolve the Unconscious Blocks That Keep You From Manifesting Your Best Life!

Guided inner-body meditation based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle has proven invaluable on my spiritual journey for re-connecting to that aliveness deep within.

"Most people are so distracted by their thoughts, so identified with the voices in their heads, they can no longer feel the aliveness within them. To be unable to feel the life that animates the physical body, the very life that you are, is the greatest deprivation that can happen to you."

~Eckhart Tolle

Do you feel deprived of the very life that you are? Are you distracted by your thoughts or the voices in your head?


(The inner-body guided meditation facilitated at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Los Angeles 2008)


(A guided inner-body meditation facilitated at Sufi Books, New York City 2005)


(Q & A after guided inner-body meditation at Sufi Books, New York City 2005)

I have facilited guided meditations in group settings and with individual clients since 2003 and have consistantly found that this unique process enables people to:

  • Separate thought from the thinker
  • Discover a doorway out of the prison of ego
  • Strengthen their immune system and the body’s ability to heal
  • Access the guidance of their intuition and the wisdom of their heart
  • Deeply explore the “inner-body” or inner energy field at their core


Relax, Connect, and Transform!

My experience working with groups and individuals has provided deep insight into the most effective ways of guiding people to the truest possible experience of who they are – via a deep connection with their own state of presence through their physical body.

I have received tons of feedback throughout the years and it is increasingly clear that both beginners and advanced practitioners of meditation benefit from following a “guide” to assist them in relaxing, for connecting to the physical body, for connecting to the inner-body, and to accelerate their transformation.

If you are new to meditation, the experience I offer will be invaluable in supporting you in achieve all the benefits of meditation.  If you have been meditating for years, I can lead you to a deeper experience of your own state of presence.

The Support You Need

In the Dissolving the Ego/Pain-Body Meditation Kit you will discover guided meditations that can support you in reaching that next level on your spiritual journey! Although they are greatly influenced by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, any one will experience a deep level of relaxation and transformation by listening to these meditations.

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The kit contains four meditations, which specifically address:

  • The Ego (Length 20:32)
  • The Pain-Body (Length 20:34)
  • Other People's Pain Body (Length 20:40)
  • Deep Presence (Length 24:37)

Deep Presence alone with worth the price of the entire kit! The depth of stillness and spaciousness experienced during this meditation is simply worth it's weight in gold.

"The art of inner-body awareness will develop into a completely new way of living, a state of permanent connectedness with Being, and will add a depth to your life that you have never known before.”

~Eckhart Tolle

Download your copy of the Dissolving the Ego/Pain-Body Meditation Kit today!

Take that next step on your journey with the support of this meditation kit. I offer three options so everyone can "choose your price" and be able to enjoy the benefits of the kit. Each option includes a 3 page companion guide with an overview of the inner-body and a 7 day challenge to support you in creating the foundation for new meditation habit.

Option 1 - $19.97

The four guided meditations, the companion guide, and an hour long mp3 recording on The Truth of Complaining teleseminar (which also includes a guided meditation for consciously dealing with complaining) Eckhart has stated that complaining is a favorite strategy of the ego and this recording offers great insights and tips.

Option 2 - $9.97 (Exceptional value for 85 minuites plus of guided bliss)

The four guided meditations and the companion guide

Option 3 - Free (if money is really tight right now)

The four guided meditations and the companion guide

Meditations by Greg Larsen
Soundscape by Brad Swanson

Note:  These four guided meditations all use the same base format.  The first 15 minutes utilize the same vocal recording and soundscape.  The last 5 – 9 minutes is based on a unique question that addresses the specific challenges when dealing with the ego and pain-body. "Deep Presence" stands alone in that is does not pose a question, but rather takes the listener to the deepest space within, the formless essence.

Why Use These Guided Meditations?

As the consciousness of Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth emerges on the planet, this inner-body guided meditation will be a pivotal spiritual practice that enables you to deeply re-connect to the vast intelligence of the body and harness this new energy as it emerges. I first became aware of this practice in The Power of Now, and it has been deeply instrumental in my personal transformation. Tolle describes the experience of this meditation as an awareness or perception of the "inner-body."

This guided meditation is both centering and relaxing because the process connects you to your innermost essence, your inner aliveness or inner energy field as felt at the core of your being. By re-connecting to this feeling of inner aliveness you automatically feel a greater sense of being centered, at ease, and alert.   This process of centering automatically stimulates a relaxed feeling because energy is directed into the body and withdrawn from your thinking.
Your body is always anchored in the here and now.  Your body never leaves the present moment even though your thinking mind takes you on a wild ride into the past and future.  This exercise focuses your conscious attention on the physical body, thus energy has to be withdrawn from the process of thinking in order to concentrate on the body.  You feel more centered because your physical body is centered in the present moment.  You feel more relaxed because your physical body is fed by the energy of your conscious attention.

This exercise is the staple of my spiritual life.  This is number one on my list. Number two is practicing the exercise with a group of people.  As far as the when and where, I did set aside blocks of time in the beginning to cultivate this practice.  When first starting out, I would recommend putting a program in place where you intentionally follow along with the exercise as I present it in the video.  You may consider doing this at two or three set times during the day.
The purpose is to condition your body’s intelligence to perform the act of connecting so that it does not require thinking.  Just as you would condition your body to hit a golf ball or tennis ball by spending time at the driving range or by hitting a tennis ball against the wall, by practicing the exercise you condition the body to re-connect to the inner field of aliveness without the need for a conscious choice to be made every time.
In time, as you go throughout your day the body will “wake you up” from being lost in thought, and quite possibly stressful thought, and automatically bring the feeling of that inner aliveness into your conscious awareness.  Once this habit is established, then your body’s intelligence takes over and becomes a trusted ally on your path of awakened doing.

Cultivate your body’s natural inclination to be centered and relaxed so that you can navigate throughout the course of your day grounded in your state of presence.  It is from this state of presence that you can fully experience the richness of the present moment and effectively manage the challenges of everyday life without experiencing any unnecessary stress or anxiety.

Disclaimer: This site and products are neither sponsored by, nor affiliated with, Eckhart Tolle, his publishers, or any other entity associated with Eckhart Tolle.


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Meditation Testimonial

Greg's meditation "Who do I need to love... " was an amazing meditation for me. I enjoyed it and absolutely LOVE the method that Greg employs to lead you into a place of Inner Awareness and At Oneness. I have used the progressive feeling technique in other meditations, but somehow, Greg makes it much more vibrant. I have a regular meditation practice and virtually never miss my daily meditation and if possible, I mediate morning and night. Since my ego-mind has a tendency to be a bit active (like most of us), I enjoy guided meditations and I have listened to a LOT of them.

Each time I have used the "Deep Presence" meditation I have felt so completely serene and At Oneness. It is if wave after wave of beautiful flowing energy just pulsated up and down my body. I can feel each part of my body and I am completely in touch with All That Is. I have done this meditation several times and each time it is just visceral in its power.

I laugh at myself as I almost SAVE it and don't use it every day as it makes me feel so special... that is my silly human ego-mind trying to keep me from DEEP PRESENCE!!

A written testimonial can not do any justice to how magnificent this meditation and the price is, geesh, what can I say...VERY much in the spirit of economic stimulation!

~Kathy Dannel Vitcak
Your Soul Coach
Pinewood, MN