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"Do You Feel at a Crossroads in Life? Do You Know that Changes Need to be Made but Lack the Focus and Energy to Move Forward with Your Goals and Dreams?


Is one of life's “big” transitions knocking on your door and you want one-on-one support
to help you navigate the changes ahead and consciously create a better life?



Hello and welcome! My name is Greg Larsen and as an author, life coach, and co-host of the popular internet radio show Living with Tolle, I can help you to get unstuck and leap forward with your professional and personal goals.  I'm a "change expert" and work with conscious minded professionals to take their careers to that next level or change to a new one altogether. I also work with small business owners who want to better manage the changing demands of their business, or take their business in a new direction, and make space for the rest of life.


“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”


What is the Best Use of Your
Time Right Now?

In a study conducted by the International Coach Federation, the number one reason people work with a personal coach is time mangement? How are you at managing your time? How effective are you at organizing your most important activities in both your professional and personal life, and then staying on task and getting things done?

Are you procrastinating making that call, starting that project, or replying to that e-mail this very moment? Then do it now! Get into the habit of doing it now and you will experinece a dramatic shift in your level of effectiveness regarding time mangement. You most likely have developed a habit of non-doing and have a lot of loose ends floating around your head. So cultivating a doing habit will will free up a lot of mental and physical energy and you get into the flow of doing. Just do it!

I will help you explore "high impact" activities in each key area of life and get you focused on action steps you can take today. We will also work on identifying key commitments and specific goals (with completion dates) that will empower you to take your life to the next level.


Are You Ready to Change?

If you are ready to change, I offer a highly effective process that will allow you to make both big and small commitments in the most important areas of your life and then follow through on them one step at a time. Success is all about making commitments and following through until you fulfill on those commitments. Whether on the job, in your business, or in dealing with your relationships, it really boils down to being accountable to your commitments. How are you doing with your commitments? And what about the commitments to yourself and others that will take your life to that next level of success and fulfillment?

Call me at 310-971-7223 or e-mail me at greg (@) happyashumanlypossible (.) com and I will personally get back to you so you can get all your questions answered.

I work with clients globally by phone or Skype, so distance is not a concern.

I offer a free consultation and by the end of the call you will have a clear sense of how I can help you take steps moving forward to acheive your goals. If you are fed up "sitting on the fence" of life and willing to do what is necessary to make changes, then contact me by e-mail or call me.  I offer a "Total Happiness" guarantee so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


Start Now and Sign up for the Free
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A Powerful Set of Tools for Making Real Change

The Ultimate Happiness e-course will:

  • Provide a quick process for evaluating your life today
  • Focus your attention on creating solutions
  • Shift your energy to attract ideas, people, and resources
  • Give you simple tools to fully leverage your creativity, skills, and talents
  • Help you create “life balance” so you can truly enjoy your success.

Once you sign up you will immediately receive the first lesson of the course.  Then every other day after that you will receive the next lesson – designed to progressively increase your awareness and clarify the life you want to create.

Simply complete the lessons and get ready to feel a surge of creativity, confidence, and the energy to get things done.  By the end of the course, you will have completed the core processes of the Foundation Session from my coaching program.  With a solid foundation, you can take that first step toward creating your best life!

Sign up now and start making conscious, positive changes in your life today!


As author Eckhart Tolle states, "Awareness is the greatest agent for change."


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Greg Larsen

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~ Testimonial ~

"Greg is an excellent and powerful business coach, and I soon found out he has the special gift of being able to help me get to my most conscious and "high" state of mind, to access the place of my absolute best intentions (acting with loving kindness to myself and others). What an amazing gift to be able to give. Every week for the last three months we met by telephone for one hour, and the results have been gratifying to say the least.

I thought I had been moving pretty positively in my life the last year, but compared to how easy it seems to be able to move, manifest and PRODUCE now... like gravity has gotten lighter, or the air less thick or something... hard to explain, but so much fun to experience. Decisions are so clear with Greg asking exactly the right guiding questions to move me to the highest place I can go at this time. I'm looking forward to finding even greater spiritual levels of personal integrity and clarity, as I "grow up," with Greg's gentle, non-judgmental guidance."

~ Kathy Bailey, President
People Growers of America
San Pedro, CA
(featured in the video)


~ Testimonial ~

"Greg is one of the better life coaches I've had the pleasure to work with. His sense of presence, combined with his insight into the teachings of Eckhart Tolle make him a unique and insightful combination. The guided meditation process allowed me to distinguish the difference between listening to a clouded mind or my intuition. I felt peaceful and relaxed through the whole process and it was as simple as allowing the answers to come to me.

Greg not only guides you through this process; but also helps you commit to specific actions that will help you bring this intuition into your daily life. A truly wonderful experience that takes the best of what life coaching and meditation has to offer."

~Alexander Mercado
Santa Monica, CA


~ Testimonial ~

"I crossed paths with Greg when I was going through a transition, and the timing couldn't have been better. I think it was really a case of "when the student is ready, the teacher appears."

Greg's coaching, however, doesn't take on the student/teacher model. He listens, responds to what he's hearing and the results for me were powerful.

I felt safe enough to be honest about my goals and challenges, which in a sense put them 'on the record' and made them real. Greg responded without judgment, provided a follow-up email and then checked in on things the following week. These check-ins made me accountable...to myself! That was the key for me, and the reason why Greg's coaching services were so effective. I feel much more clear about the mechanics of how our ego/minds operate, and have tasted the freedom that awareness provides.

Greg's deep understanding of Tolle's teachings provide the framework for the whole process and if they resonate with you, working with Greg is a great way to help incorporate them into your daily life -- and enhance it."

~ Tracy
New York, NY